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The BMW M5 is a high-performance version of the BMW 5-Series automobile made by BMW Motorsport. First introduced at the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1984, the M5 has been made from various 5-Series versions throughout the years, including the E28, E34, E39, E60, F10 and most recently the F90. Originally, the M5 was hand-built utilizing the 535i chassis and a modified BMW M1 engine. When introduced, it was the fastest production saloon car in the world.

Over time the M5, recipe, remained the same. A quiet discreet saloon, which could outrun most supercars. Despite this similar outlook, the M5 gained many changes. The E39 became the first to have a V8 and likewise the following E60 the first to have a V10 and a flappy paddle gearbox. The F10 was the first M5 to have turbocharged V8 and a dual clutch, whereas the F90 that followed it, now used a ZF Automatic. The F90 was also the first M5 to feature BMW's xDrive, as well as the first M powered non SUV BMW to do so.


  • In Clarkson: Head to Head, Jeremy compared his Jaguar XJR against Tiff Needell in a E39 M5. Despite keeping up, Jeremy failed to overtake Tiff in the M5, ultimately winning by using a Tank powered by a Jag engine.
  • In Clarkson's Top 100 Cars, Jeremy ranks the M5 in No. 10, praising it's practicality, speed and brilliance, despite him not being a fan of BMW's at the time.
  • In Series 3, Episode 2, Richard and James take a look at three M cars in the Isle of Man. Richard reviews, his favourite version of the M5, the E34, praising it's discretion, handling, speed and refinement, stating that it would make him want to visit the Isle of Man more often.
  • In Series 6, Episode 9, Jeremy tests the all new E60 M5. Despite criticizing it's irritating tendencies, he praises it's speed, handling, noise and excitement, stating to be as good as a Ferrari F430. Round the Top Gear Test Track, The Stig sets a time of 1:26.2.
  • In Clarkson: Heaven and Hell, following his initial praise and review of the E28 M5, Jeremy revisits the E60, arriving at a similar conclusion of bonkers yet brilliant, before finally pitting it against the Stig in a Ferrari F430, which he fails to keep up with.
  • In Clarkson: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, Jeremy drag races a Chrysler 300C SRT8 against an E60 M5 and looses.
  • In Series 10, Episode 6, as an alternative to the SUV, Jeremy reviews the E60 M5 Touring and the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Estate. Despite praising the M5's excitement, handling and soundtrack, he prefers the AMG, but ultimately states that he would rather a Range Rover to both fast estates.
  • In Series 13, Episode 5, Jeremy races the Jaguar XFR against the E60 M5 around the Top Gear Test Track, stating that while the Jag wasn't better than the M5, it was as good as.
  • In Series 18, Episode 7, after looking back at the E60, Richard reviews the new F10 M5 at the Top Gear Test Track. He praises the F10's improved refinement and sensibleness as well as it's improved speed and handling, stating that "as an all-rounder, it's actually one of the best cars in the world right now." Despite this, round the Track in the wet, The Stig sets a time of 1:29.2.
  • In Top Gear: The Worst Car in the History of the World, The Stig's Yorkshire Cousin, puts the F10 M5, through a power test, successfully, with both Jeremy and James failing to match his time in their much heavier, slower American Cars.
  • In Well Aged Scotch, Clarkson pits the new F90 M5, against the same but different Alpina B5 at the Eboladrome. Despite praising the M5's speed (beating an AMG GT S in a drag race), handling (despite it's AWD system) and refinement, stating to better speed machine, he ultimately prefers the Alpina due to it being more comfortable. Eaton, then sets a very impressive lap time of 1:20.4 round the Eboladrome.
  • In Series 26, Episode 2, at the Top Gear Test Track, Harris compares the F90 M5 to the E63 AMG S, along with help from The Stig's Business Cousin. Despite praising the M5, Harris ultimately prefers the AMG.
  • In Series 28, Episode 6, McGuinness states that those tempted by an M8 should instead save their money and purchase an F90 M5 Competition.