The £1500 Coupés That Aren't Porsches Challenge  was a challenge featured in Series 6, Episode 2 of Top Gear

After the three presenters each bought a cheap Porsche, they were given £1,500 and were told to buy a coupe that isn't a Porsche. Jeremy bought a 1991 Mitsubishi Starion EX, Richard bought a 1984 BMW 635 CSi and James bought a 1983 Jaguar XJ-S.

In the first challenge, they were told to go to the Millbrook proving grounds bowl and drive their cars as quickly as possible, attempting to try and reach 140 mph. Richard's BMW reached a top speed of 115 mph, although only displaying 110 mph on the speedometer, Jeremy's Mitsubishi reached 119 mph and James' Jaguar speed wasn't recorded due to an error on the speed measuring equipment being used. 

In the second challenge, each of them drove over the fearsome Belgium pavé at 30 mph, with a bowl of water on their laps, in order to test the ride quality of their cars after the amount of water that splashes out of the bowl.  

In the third challenge, The Stig drove each if the cars on a section of the Alpine handling course, the results being James' Jaguar with 1:09, Richard's BMW with 1:01 and Jeremy's Mitsubishi being the fastest with 1:00. 

In the fourth and last challenge, they used the rest of the £1,500 they used to buy their cars on modifications for a race. Then, the cars were driven on a dusty grass track for 4 hours competing against used cars from the 1990s. Jeremy's Mitsubishi blows up, Richard's BMW transmission breaks down and James' Jaguar breaks shortly after the race is finished. Even though James' car was the last one to break down, Richard did more laps than him. 

When the scores are summed up, James wins. However, Jeremy disagrees, stating his Mitsubishi is the best. The three come to an agreement in which they would admit Jeremy's car was the best if Jeremy admitted he is 'a clot' and he ruined his car (he added a turbo that caused the car to blow up). Jeremy, therefore, wins.


Presenter Car High Speed Bowl Wet & Wild Alpine Course Fuel Economy Reliability Endurance Race Total
Jeremy Mitsubishi Starion -21 -35 5 -3 0 49 -5
James Jaguar XJ-S 0 -7 -4 -12 -5 80 52
Richard BMW 635CSi -25 -14 4 1 -1 82 47
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