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The first Dampervan used in the Original Amphibious cars challenge

The Dampervan was Richard's car during the Amphibious car challenge, based on a VW Transporter Type 2 T3. Hammond unsuccessfully tried to take the car across a two-mile wide reservoir, but the Dampervan sank due to bad waterproofing. Also, the Dampervan's propeller broke off on entry to the water, due to Hammond placing the propeller directly to the flywheel, which Clarkson pointed out as a mistake.

Dampervan Mark 2

The second Dampervan, this time with a blue/white livery, was used in the second amphibious car challenge. It performed well at first in the harbour, but due to the very rough seas the engine became damaged, meaning an outboard motor had to be fitted (during which, Clarkson puts a price tag of 1 million pounds for a small outboard motor). Despite this, it promptly sank.