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The Central Europe Special was the tenth special episode of the Amazon Prime motoring show The Grand Tour. It is the second episode of the show's fifth series and aired on the 16th of June 2023. It is the forty-fourth episode overall and is entitled Eurocrash.

The episode saw the presenters travel from Poland to Slovenia in a range of the unusual cars.


The episode sees the presenters travel from Gdansk, Poland, through Slovakia, Hungary and concluding in Lake Bled, Slovenia, a distance of 1,400 miles. As this is a journey, no-ones ever done before, the trio utilise cars that nobody buys. As well as exploring effects of the Soviet region on this part of Europe, the trio also look into some of the motoring history of this region.


Vehicle Make/Model Driver
Mitsuoka Le-Seyde Jeremy Clarkson
SSR Chevy
Chevrolet SSR Richard Hammond
Crossley CC Convertible James May
  • Other than the main cars used, May had to often use a Ford Popular Hot Rod, the show's back up car due to his Crossley proving too slow. Hammond took part in a Formula Easter Race in Poland whilst in Slovakia, Clarkson tested a Skoda 1100 OHC, May tested a Praga Bohema and trio observed Kleinvision Aircar.


The episode was filmed in June 2022 beginning in the Nowy Port district of Gdansk, Poland, then travelling through Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and ending in Slovenia.


  • It is the fourth European Special that the trio have taken part in.
  • During filming at the Tor Poznań Racetrack, Hammond once again had an accident, then spreads oil across the track. Hence, the race session ended prematurely as other cars went crashed, afterwards.
    • As Clarkson becomes a race director in the said racetrack, he was too late to notify Hammond as he kept going and further prolonged mechanical issues. With the written of the whiteboard deemed to be pointless.
    • The marshalls we're also too late to waive for the red flag, as a further consequences.
  • May had often miss a lot of events despite his Crossley's sluggish speed and acceleration. His Crossley had often sabotaged by his co-presenters.
  • This is the first time in Grand Tour History that May opted to utilise the Back-Up car, and the second time in the trio's history since Top Gear. However this time, it was because May's Crossley proved much horribly so slow and unreliable, rather than last time where he was forced into the Back Up Car. Then later was destroyed with Nigel Mansell's wax model they stole with.





The Grand Tour- Eurocrash - Official Trailer