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Clarkson's Transit

The Ford Transit (1966-present)

, manufactured by the British division of the Ford Motor Company, has appeared on Top Gear a several times.

Van Challenge 1

Richard used this van when he was being a roady for 1960s band, The Who. He decided on a Transit because it has been the king of vans for many years and this was a new one which was better in "lot's of important and I am sure very interesting ways".

Van Challenge

Because Clarkson new nothing about vans he played it safe and bought a Transit, it didn't hold out when there was Top Gear's Trained (and most useless) Car Thief. Jeremy used gaffa tape to hold on his door on the replace the door challenge and on the last challenge it fell off. Jeremy also got only one reply to his "Man In A Van" letter.

Happy Birthday Ford Transit

On the Transit's birthday Sabine Schmitz tried to get the van round the Nurburgring quicker than Clarkson could in a Jag. But, despite coming close she couldn't manage it.

Ice Cream Van Jump

The Ice Cream Van was of course a Ford Transit Mk II that heroicly jumped over bouncy castle, but it managed to crash into the first one.

Ice Cream Van Transit