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"That is the worst looking car in the whole world. I'd rather look at one of your dingleberries."
Richard Hammond

Geoff was an electric car made by the Top Gear Team, and the precursor to the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust. It was powered by an electric engine and two batteries scavenged from a milk float.

The Eagle i-Thrust features in Series 14, Episode 2 in the main challenge. May did not like how electric cars have "pious names like the Intelligencia". He and Hammond compared it to the Ford Mustang, and Dodge Viper, and ultimately decided on Vixen, but Clarkson christened it as "Geoff".


  • A single electric engine and two batteries, scavenged from a milk float by May.
  • A horrid, shiny exterior that can blind someone (featuring the windscreen from a Land Rover), three lawn chairs for seating, and a Roof Box made by Jeremy.
  • A chassis "made" by Richard. He actually took the chassis from a TVR, in order to save time and money by getting through the EU's red tape.


The car travelled to Oxford, causing traffic jams and no little embarrasment to the hosts. It was so slow that at one point it was overtaken by running children. It also drove along the A34 – a major road with a speed limit of 70 mph – at its maximum speed of 10 mph with a long line of car behind it. Later, after running out of batteries in the countryside and managing to hold up people even there, the trio pushed the car into a field, where it rolled down a hill and crashed into a tree. After being pronounced dead, Geoff was taken back to the Technology Centre and revamped into the Eagle i-Thrust.


  • Top Speed: 10mph (approx.)
  • Price: £6,000
  • Nought-to-Sixty Acceleration: No.
  • Nought-to-Fourty Acceleration: No.
  • Nought-to-Twenty Acceleration: No.
  • Power: Two 96 volt batteries