The Honda NSX (Acura NSX in America or Hong Kong) is a supercar, produced by Honda. It was Honda's supercar, often seen as an alternative to Ferrari's, Lamborghinis and Porsches. The first-generation car was produced from 1990 to 2005 and then 10 years later the second generation was produced from 2016 to current.

The First Generation NSX consisted of a manual gearbox, RWD and a 2.9L-3.2L VTEC V6 developed by racing. F1 legend Ayrton Senna played a big part in the design and development, particularly in setting up the car's steering and gearbox, but despite this Honda only sold six European ones in their first year. Despite this, the NSX received universal praise, with many citing as the first usable, everyday supercar, with many changes to the suspension and gearbox being introduced over time.

The Second Generation NSX consisted of a nine-speed automatic flappy paddle gearbox, AWD and a 3.5L Twin-Turbocharged V6 combined with three electric motors. Development took over 10 years for the new NSX, with many concepts being produced until the final model was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show 2015. Unlike its predecessor, the new NSX, received mixed reviews, with some praising it's hybrid drive and innovative technology, while others claimed, that it was too expensive and too flawed to be as good as the original.


  • In Apocalypse Clarkson, in his test to find the best handling car of all time, Jeremy drives the NSX, impressed with it's sheer levels of grip and handling.
  • In Clarkson's Car Years, "How Japan Took over the World............and then Lost It" Jeremy explains, how despite it's trying, the NSX was essentially, yet another copy of a European car, a Ferrari.
  • In Series 1, Episode 6, Black Stig takes the NSX around the Top Gear Test Track in the wet, and sets a moderate time of 1:33.7.
  • In Series 2, Episode 3, the NSX is pitted against the Ferrari 360, the Porsche 911 Turbo, the Chevrolet Corvette C5, the Venturi Atlantique and the old nitrous powered Jaguar XJ-S in a race of the nations. It ends up beating the Corvette and the Atlantique but looses to the Ferrari and the Porsche, on one count beating the Jag and on another losing.
  • In Series 3, Episode 9, Richard reviews the new NSX Type R alongside the Civic Type R at the Top Gear Test Track. While he praises the cars speed, excitement and handling, he criticizes its expensive price and the fact, it never quite was a Ferrari, concluding that Honda should retire the car. The Stig then takes the NSX around a wet track in 1:31.7.
  • In Series 4, Episode 10, in Richard's review of the latest Corvette, the NSX takes part in a drag race, beating both the Corvette and a Porsche 911 but losing to a TVR T350C.
  • In Series 7, Episode 6, Jeremy uses an NSX, to see if he could go faster on a Playstation than in real life. He failed to do so, despite hoping the challenge would pay tribute to the recently dropped NSX, praising it's steering and VTEC soundtrack.
  • In Series 23, Episode 3, Harris heads to the Moticello Motorclub to test the all-new NSX. Despite criticizing the interior and price, he praises the car's speed, handling, drive and technology. At the hands of the Stig the NSX, sets a time of 1:17.6 round the Top Gear Test Track.
  • In Berks to the Future, May heads to the Eboladrome to drive the all new NSX. Despite initial reserves, he massively praises the NSX for its technology, handling, speed, braking, feel and value, stating that "it's worth successor". The American, then sets a wet lap of 1:26.0 round the Eboladrome.
  • In "American Made" Ford tests the all new NSX, which sets a time of 1:08.80.
  • In Past, present or future, May championed the hybrid-powered NSX (Present) against Clarkson in a Lamborghini Aventador S (Past) and Hammond in a Rimac Concept One (Future). Despite May's praise, the NSX loses to both the Aventador and Rimac in a drag race and a hill climb.
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