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Lamborghini Muira

The first Lamborghini Britain laid eyes on was this, the Muira, back in 1967. People were impressed, to say the least. It was a shape like nothing anyone had ever seen before and also a colour never seen before - some were a psychedelic lime green. That can be expected, though, from a car created by 7 boys in their 20s just for the heck of it. And those 7 boys in their 20s caused a motoring revolution, despite Ferrucio Lamborghini being against the Miura project, saying that he did not want to make supercars like Ferrari did.

The young engineers were the first people clever enough to make their cars mid-engined. The engine was also placed sideways for the sake of keeping the car compact. And it was this car that was to set the standard for supercars to come.


Years produced: 1966-72

Number produced: 764

Engine: V12

0-62 m.p.h.: 6.7 seconds

Max. speed: 171 m.p.h.


  • Power windows


  • The doors, when opened, are designed to look like a bull's horns.
  • Occassionally a carburettor would overheat and spit petrol onto the engine, causing a rather disastrous explosion.
  • The fuel tank was lovingly placed in the front, so the car was a pig to steer on low fuel.