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Clarkson, Hammond and May each have to build a stretch limo to drive celebrities to the Brit Awards. Clarkson chose a 1992 Fiat Panda, because he found it quite likeable, and made it quite long (though later on, he had to remove 7 feet to make it road-legal, while its length was criticized by his colleagues for necessitating a wheeled platform to carry passengers to the back seat), Hammond chose an 1996 MG F while maintaining its convertible roof (which did not allow it to keep people warm), and May chose to use a 1994 Saab 9000 and an 1996 Alfa Romeo 164 to create a conjoined limo, using the front ends of both (which surprised the other two, although they found that the steering could be done in both ends).

Before attempting a slalom course, avoiding a stinger trap in the process while being blasted by a fire apparatus water cannon (Jeremy failed badly, and both he and Hammond were soaked). Eventually, all three were sent to drive their celebrities, with Clarkson chauffeuring BBC Radio 1's Chris Moyles, Hammond taking singer Jamelia to the Brit Awards, and May driving rapper Lemar. Hammond arrived first and largely without incident, although the open-top nature of his limo and the throttle becoming stuck meant that Jamelia attracted more attention than she wanted. Clarkson arrived shortly afterwards, despite the entire rear half of his car being missing. May got lost and Lemar stormed out of May's car after being an hour late to the start of the ceremony. The ultimate winner of the task was whoever got the most photos of their car printed in newspapers or magazines, and Clarkson earned that honor, by virtue of having a picture printed in his own column in The Sun.

Testing Out Each Others' Limos

James and Richard ridicule Jeremy's limo (Giant Panda) as it only has windows on the right side, which Clarkson proclaimed as 'paparazzi proof'. Upon getting in, they had to use a pulley system to get to the end of the limo, as well as using a bullhorn to communicate with the driver. Hammond drives it around for a bit, knocking over a runway light due to the limo's heavy weight and long stretch. Soon, Clarkson went onto the pulley system as Hammond skidded to a stop, receiving carpet burn as a result.

They later try out James' limo (Salfa Romeaab) and while Hammond and May sat in the Alfa end, Clarkson drove the Saab end, before Hammond unlocked the steering and had to dive into the wheel so Clarkson could get back straight, but soon the wheel came off.

They soon try out Richard's limo (Sports Limo) and Carkson complains about not having a roof, even with the small roof over them, which immediately came down again. They even tried some of the onboard sports equipment to warm up, which includes a bowling alley and archery. Hammond also shows Clarkson the picture phone that he can use to call May, which they do and give off V-signs at the screen.

J-Turn Away From Paintball Terrorists

Their first challenge was to do a J-Turn without being hit by the non-participants, who fire paintballs.

Clarkson was first and attempted to do a J-Turn, but it fails to work due to the large size and Hammond and May fired paintball guns at the limo, breaking some windows.

Hammond was next and successfully did a J-Turn despite being hit in the back of the head by Clarkson and May.

May was last and, instead of doing a J-Turn, decided to get into the Alfa end of his limo and drive away. However when he got out, he was shot at by Hammond and Clarkson, who aimed at his "gentleman's area". May then got into the Alfa and attempted to drive off, only for the steering wheel to come off and he veers off the track.

Afterwards, May proclaimed that he won since the rules said that it was hits on the car and not his 'wedding vegetables'.


May was first and crashed into the car ahead of him before making a few turns around parked cars, hitting a few before being hit with the fire hose, but missed the stingers.

Hammond did well avoiding the cars, but when it came to the fire hose, he got wet, but missed the stingers.

Clarkson was last and because of his heavy limo, he had to go around many stuff including the cars, but got stuck off the track. Since the clock was still running, the film crew kindly pushed him out and he went off. He got distracted by the fire hose that resulted in him hitting the stingers, which punctured the tires and the engine had died. He got out and tried to use a jack on the tire, but was fired on by the fire hose.


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