The Madagascar Special will be the sixth special episode of the Amazon Prime motoring show The Grand Tour and is anticipated to air as part of the show's fourth season. The episode was filmed in November 2019 on the African island nation of Madagascar; filming is also believed to have taken place on the French overseas territory of Reunion Island. The episode is expected to premiere in 2020.


The official synopsis is unknown at this time.

It is known that the crew traveled from Toamasina to Mananara in Madagascar. Hammond, May, and Clarkson were also spotted on Reunion Island, though it is not clear if filming for the episode was underway at this point.

The trio was photographed using three heavily-modified vehicles, with Clarkson in a Bentley Continental V8, Hammond in a Ford Focus RS, and May in Caterham 7 260. All three vehicles were extensively modified for off-road use, with the Bentley affixed with a roll-bar, the Ford with caterpillar tracks, and the Caterham with off-road tires. It is not yet known if the vehicles were modified prior to or during filming of the episode.


The special was expected to air in March/April 2020, however producer Andy Wilman, had contracted Coronavirus, having difficulty in breathing and "coughed his spleen out" but was on the road to recovery. THe only parts that would be required was voiceovers and final edits which would've been made by Wilman. Due to this outbreak, the special is likely to be delayed until later in 2020.


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