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The Pagani Zonda is a mid-engined sports car produced by Pagani in Italy. It debuted in 1999 and was produced through to 2011, although customer cars are frequently rebuilt into new trim levels as per the customer's individual wishes. As of April 2008, 91 Zondas had been built. Total production numbers are difficult to ascertain, though according to a source sanctioned by Pagani, 136 had been built by 2010.

Some early Zonda engineering was done by Formula One champion, Juan Manuel Fangio. The car was originally to be named for him, the "Fangio F1", but the name was changed upon his death in 1995, renamed after an air current above Argentina.

Richard Hammond has long named the Zonda as his favourite all time supercar, for it's mad styling, ease of drive and soundtrack.


  • The Zonda S makes it's first appearance on Series 1, Episode 1, where Jeremy compared it to the Lamborghini Murciélago. He fell in love with the Zonda, stating it was better than the Lambo and that it was the new King of Supercars. Black Stig set a lap around the Top Gear Test Track of 1:23.8 in the Zonda.
  • The Zonda S returned on Clarkson: Shoot-Out, where Jeremy once again, praised it's styling and ease of drive, stating to be an absolute masterpiece.
  • The Zonda S was compared to the Jaguar XJ220, in Clarkson: Hot Metal. Despite preferring and admitting that the Zonda was a better car, Jeremy was shocked to learn that the XJ220 was faster in a drag race.
  • In Series 5, Episode 2, The Zonda S once again took part in a drag race with the XJ220, losing once again newer, as Jeremy compared it, the Porsche Carrera GT and the Enzo Ferrari, to the XJ220, the McLaren F1 and the Ferrari F40.
  • In Series 5, Episode 4, Richard falls in love with the Zonda S Roadster, for its drama theatre and spectacular styling. Jeremy and Richard agreed it to be the best supercar currently made.
  • In Series 7, Episode 3 Richard favoured the Zonda S as his favourite supercar against James in the Ferrari F430 Spider and Jeremy in the Ford GT in a roadtrip across France.
  • In Series 7, Episode 4, Richard reviewed the latest Pagani Zonda F, praising it's speed, handling, drama and stating to be his all-time favourite supercar. The Stig took the Zonda F, round the Top Gear Test Track where it achieved a 1:18.4, setting the fastest lap at the time.
  • In Clarkson: Thriller Jeremy praised the Zonda F Roadster, for its thrill delivery and spectacular styling, while driving it in Switzerland. However, the Zonda failed to attract the attention of women, but only of men.
  • In Series 12, Episode 4 on his first appearance at the Top Gear Test Track, James reviewed the Zonda F Roadster, amazed by its speed, styling and easy handling. Despite losing in a drag race to the Bugatti Veyron, and breaking down on it's first lap, the Zonda set a faster time of 1:17.8.
  • In Top Gear: Uncovered, Richard concluded his passion for cars segment by driving the Zonda Cinque, praising it's spectacular soundtrack, styling, glorious handmade quality and it's appealing drive, paying tribute to what was his favourite all time Supercar.
  • In TGM (UK) 211, Jeremy tested the Zonda R.
  • In Clarkson: The Italian Job, Jeremy tested the Zonda R at Imola, praising it's speed, savagery, ease of drive and being far more exciting than any other car, he'd ever driven.
  • In TGM (UK) 212, Jeremy announced that the Zonda R was his Car of the Year 2010.
  • In Series 16, Episode 4, as a final goodbye tribute to the Zonda, Jeremy reviews the Zonda R, once again praising its speed, ease, excitement and savagery, but questions whether it could be used on the road. He also looks at the Zonda Tricolore, stating it to be a great car, before emotionally waving goodbye the Zonda once and for all. At the hands of the Stig, the R sets a lap record around the Top Gear Test Track of 1:08.5 before it is subsequently removed for being non-road legal.