Top gear marauder

Hammond crushing cars in the Marauder

The Paramount Marauder (or simply 'the Marauder') is a military vehicle that Hammond road tested in South Africa. The Marauder is manufactured by the Paramount Group. It is used for peacekeeping missions across Africa. The Marauder weighs 10 tonnes and is 21 feet long and 9 feet high.

Road Test

Hammond started off driving around the streets of Johannesburg and commenting on how big it was. He also explained some of the features of the Marauder. Hammond then demonstrated the Marauder's off roading capabilities by driving it though a grassy and hilly eld and then proeeding to drive it through an abandoned compound. Finally, he crashed through a wall to demonstrate its toughness. Next, he drove the Marauder to a coffee shop and parked it into a spot where he wasn't allowed. Once the tow truck arrived, Hammond started up the Marauder and pulled the tow truck along with him as he drove off, to demonstrate the vehicles' monstrous amout of torque. Later, Hamond parked the Marauder outside a supermarket and, when he came out, found himself blocked in by two cars. He then demonstrated the Marauder's vertical climbing system as he drove over and crushed the two cars. Next, he showed a disadvantage of the Marauder by attempting to order fast food in it. He failed to so as the wicreen wipers but couldn't damage anything else. Finally, Hammond yet again demonstrated thlaced the same amount of explosives under the Marauder. Although at first the Marauder seemed to be blown apart, it remained intact with the exception of the rear tyre being blown off of the wheel rim. Hammond then proceeded to drive the Marauder out of the hole, despite the vc damaged tyre.

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