The show regularly features various races. There have been a number of epic races where Clarkson or one of the other presenters drives a car against other forms of transport, typically involving Hammond and May taking the same journey by combinations of plane, train or ferry. One epic race had The white Stig taking part using public transport in a race across London wich featured May in a car, Hammond on a bike and Clarkson in a powerboat.

A number of smaller scale 'novelty' races have also taken place that demonstrate various strengths and, more often, weaknesses of cars. These races involve one of the presenters, in a carefully chosen car, racing head-to-head against an athlete in conditions that favour the latter. The programme has also featured a variety of small races, typically lasting a couple of minutes, that pit two similar cars against each other, for example 'old vs. new'.

Many of these can currently be viewed on the Top Gear Youtube channel

Some of the most famous Epic Races have been:

Season and Episode: Race: Outcome:
Series 4, Episode 1 (See more Race to Monte Carlo ) Jeremy Clarkson driving an Aston Martin DB9 to Monte Carlo against Hammond and May on TGV and Eurostar trains. Victory for Clarkson in the Aston Martin.
Series 5, Episode 8 Jeremy Clarkson in Ferrari 612 Scaglietti vs. jet plane to Verbier, Switzerland. Victory for Clarkson in the Ferrari 612.
Series 6, Episode 6 Jeremy Clarkson driving Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren from London to Oslo, Norway versus ferry and speedboat. Victory for Clarkson and the Mercedes-McLaren.
Series 7, Episode 5 Jeremy Clarkson in a Bugatti Veyron from Alba to Tower 42 in London, versus Hammond and May in a Cessna 182 airplane. Victory for Clarkson in the Bugatti.
Series 9 Episode 7 (Polar Special) Jeremy Clarkson and James May in a Toyota Hilux versus Hammond and dog sled champion Matty McNair in a dog sled. Victory for Clarkson and May in the Hilux.
Series 10, Episode 5 West London to London Airport. Clarkson in Thames speedboat, Hammond on bicycle, May in Mercedes-Benz GL and The Stig on public transport (bus, Underground, DLR). Victory for Hammond, Clarkson second, Stig third and May last.
Series 11 Episode 4 A race across Japan from Hakui Ishikawa to Mount Nokogiri Jeremy in a Nissan GT-R versus Hammond and May on public transport including the bullet train. Victory for Jeremy in the GT-R.
Series 12 Episode 4 Fuel Economy Race car versus car versus car from Basil in Switzerland to Blackpool Jeremy took a Jaguar XJ Richard took a Volkswagen Polo and James took a Subaru Legacy. Hammond won Jeremy came second and James lost.
Series 12 Episode 5 Richard in a Ferrari Daytona versus James XSR 48 powerboat from Portofino to Saint-Tropez. James won (probably because Richard got stopped by the police to check for documents).
Series 13, Episode 1 Kings Cross to Edinburgh. Clarkson in a Tornado locomotive, Hammond on a Vincent Black Shadow (Motorbike) and May in the Jaguar XK120 Victory for May, Clarkson second, and Hammond last.
Series 19 Episode 3 Jeremy in a Shelby MustangGT500 Richard went on the Eurostar and TVG then ran to the destination James went on the Eurostar and TVG trains the biked to the destination, the start was Wembley stadium and the finish was San Moro in Milan. Richard came first James came second and Jeremy last.
Series 20 Episode 1 Jeremy in a Toyota Corolla versus James in a AC45 sailing boat from Fletcher bay in the Coromandel to spirits bay. James won in the sailing boat.
Series 22 Episode 1 Vostochny Yacht Club to Yelagin Palace. Clarkson in a Neptune 11 hovercraft, May in a Renault Twizy, Hammond in a Pinarello bicycle (then he uses a local man's bicycle after he damages his Pinarello) and The Stig in bus, tram and metro. James came first in the Twizy, Clarkson came second in the Neptune 11, Hammond came last in the bicycle. The Stig got distracted by a Porsche and did not finish the race.

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