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The fifth episode of the first series of the Amazon motoring series The Grand Tour premiered on the 16th of December, 2016. It is entitled Moroccan Roll. Filming for the studio segments of the show took place in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.



The presenters head to Morocco to test out three of the latest sports cars in a journey that sees them visit the set of Game of Thrones, with Hammond selecting a Mazda MX-5, May a Zenos E10 S and Clarkson an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider.

Also, Hammond and May recreate the classic board game Battleships with cars.

Track Test


Celebrity Brain Crash

This week's celebrity is the Dutch band Golden Earring, who 'die' from being electrocuted by a loose wire that falls into the port's water.

In this show...

  • [Jeremy] [tries] to pull a camel...
  • A donkey pulls James...
  • And Richard gets stuck in a cow orgy...

Tent Location

For this episode, the tent was pitched in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. More specifically, the tent was pitched in the Port of Rotterdam overlooking the harbour.



Moroccan Roll - 01x05 - TRAILER