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The sixth episode of the first series of the Amazon motoring show The Grand Tour premiered on the 23rd of December, 2016. It is entitled Happy Finnish Christmas. Filming for the studio segments of the show took place in Lapland in Finland.



Hammond celebrates the arrival of the very first right-hand-drive Ford Mustang in the United Kingdom, before his celebration is cut short by Clarkson and a Ford Focus RS.

Elsewhere, May relives the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari during the Le Mans endurance race in the 1960s.

Back at the tent, the presenters get into the spirit of Christmas by pitching their best ideas for gifts to give motoring enthusiasts.

Track Test


Celebrity Brain Crash

Kimi Raikkonen is this week's guest, who collapses and 'dies' from alcohol poisoning outside the tent.

In this show...

  • [Jeremy] eat[s] some cheddar...
  • Richard says he doesn't want any...
  • And James compares a Ford GT40 to a Ferrari P3.

Tent Location

For this episode, the tent was pitched in Lapland, Finland in the Arctic Circle. More specifically, the tent was pitched near the Kakslauttanen Igloo Village.


The show caused some controversy in the UK media following comments made by Richard Hammond during the Conversation Street segment. In it, Hammond drew a connection between homosexuality and ice-cream consumption by grown men saying, "I don't eat ice-cream. It's something to do with being straight." In the show, Clarkson and May disagreed with Hammond on this claim with Clarkson replying, "You're saying all children are homosexual?"



Happy Finnish Christmas

In the spirit of Christmas, the trio head to Lapland, Finland, deep within the Arctic circle.