The Top Gear smoothie is a cocktail created by Jeremy Clarkson using a custom-built food blender powered by a Corvette V8 engine. It was originally conceived as a "man's drink", consisting of masculine ingredients including raw beef on the bone, several chillies, Bovril, an entire bottle of Tabasco sauce, and a brick; added by Jeremy at the end "for extra bite". When blending it, the lid came loose, splashing most of the concoction everywhere and spilling the leftover Bovril from the table.

Whilst trying it afterwards, Richard Hammond suggested the name "Desperate-Shag-In-A-Skip" and "Quick-One-Round-The-Back-Of-The-Dust-Cart" for it as Jeremy served it. Likewise, James May actually tried some of the concoction, and after a delayed and visibly negative reaction to the taste, suggested that the "Bloody Awful" would be more appropriate.


  • Richard and James's suggested names for the Smoothie, the Desperate-Shag-In-A-Skip, "Quick-One-Round-The-Back-Of-The-Dust-Cart" and the Bloody Awful, are references to two real-life cocktails- the Sex on the Beach and the Bloody Mary.
  • Worcestershire sauce can also be seen on the table in a bottle and a cup as the Smoothie is being made. The footage was edited to remove it being mentioned or added, though one can see after Jeremy adds the cup of Tabasco sauce he reaches for the cup of Worcestershire sauce, only for a jump cut to him putting a cup down. After this both cups are empty, implying both were used in the creation of the Smoothie.
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