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Top Gear Magazine #2 was the issue of the magazine cover-dated November 1993. Published by Redwood Publishing Ltd., it contained 248 pages and was edited by the magazine's very first editor, Kevin Blick.


With the title of "Win yourself a supercar", Top Gear Magazine's second issue included a promotion to win a Honda NSX, with a motion-blurred image of the Japanese supercar, its rear half obscured by the half-cover.



  • First gear - AC launches the Ace; the law gets tough on 'ringed' cars; Lightweight Lambo Diablo hits 220mph; airbags that go off when the 'phone rings; Mad matman; a can-collecting crank case; and more.
  • First steer - Peugeot's dynamic duo, the 306 XSi & 16V; radical Peugeot 106 Rallye; utterly stoating Vauxhall Calibra V6.
  • Steering columns - Jeremy Clarkson looks at the dirty side of diesel cars.
  • Quentin Willson argues that cars are more than mere transport.
  • Tiff Needell on the lottery of getting a drive in a touring car.
  • Guest column - Ex-Roads Minister Peter Bottomley laments the learner system.


  • Win the stunning Honda NSX - It's true. Starting on page 42 you have the chance to win Honda's naughty buy nice NSX. Tiff tests it at the track and Clarkson at the café to prove what a rapid yet civilised beast the car is to live with.

The Motorshow

  • Motor Show Special - A complete guide to the London Motor Show. All the new cars on each stand; Clarkson on press day mayhem; how to see all the main exhibits in an hour; concept cars we have seen and forgotten; plus the best places to eat, stay, and drink.


  • Chris Rea - If it ain't rear-wheel drive, it ain't in crooner and Caterham-owner Chris Rea's garage.
  • Three little toys - Are the latest batch of soft-topped mini-cars a pleasure or a pain? The thirty-something Mini Cabriolet meets the Honda Beat and Suzuki Cappuccino.
  • Fast cars, slow island - The definition of frustration. Someone gives you a Countach for the weekend and you're stuck on an island with a 35mph limit. Channel Island blues on Guernsey.
  • The unreal thing - Volvo designer and Brit [Peter Horbury] spends much of his day at the office watching telly as he designs the next generation of cars using virtual reality.
  • Rallye raid - Desert raid-rallying is like Formula One in a massive sandpit. Jeremy is - almost - lost for words as he is driven, and attempts to drive, the hairy, scary Citroën ZX from Hell.
  • City slickers - BMW M3, Audi S2 and Porsche 968 battle for votes from the people who really know - the City accountants, bond traders and quick-talking dealers who actually buy them.
  • Skeletons in the cupboard - They don't make 'em like they used to. Thankfully, in some cases. We trace the history of our three German coupés.
  • Seeing red - Ferrari sales are starting to pick up, but rostrum positions are still hard to come by. We look at the Prancing Horse's performance in the showroom and the team's poor record on the track.
  • Refining the oil-burners - The new turbodiesels are quicker, smoother and quieter; BMW's 325td takes on the current leaders: the Citroën Xantia VSX TD and Peugeot 405 STDT.


  • JD Power to the people - A stunning start to the JD Power/BBC Top Gear survey, but we still want to hear about your car.
  • Meet the boss - 345bhp V8 Chevy engine, Jeep tyres, steel space frame. This ain't no ordinary motorcycle.
  • Top Gear club - Subscribe to this magazine, get a free road atlas and qualify for loads of other great offers, competitions and prize draws.
  • RAC advice - Forget asking your mates, they don't know the answers, either. Much better to get the RAC's experts to sort it for you.
  • Write turns - Your chance to let us know what [you] think about anything. Anything at all. Cars, bikes, jellybeans, fish...
  • Gearbox - Face it. You are never going to be able to afford a Viper, so why not buy the next best thing: a model. Of the Viper, that is.
  • Auto Jungle - The debut of Top Gear's own cartoon strip drawn by Viz Comic's Simon Donald.

Used Car Guide

  • Quentin Willson's good used car guide - Our man in the trade - and in the know - tells all about the best second-hand cars you can buy in Britain.
  • Used news - All that's happening in the used car market this month.
  • Long-distance runners - Cars that go on and on smoothly, suavely and without any sign of distress. Just like Quentin, really.
  • 10 cars for under £1,000 - The top 10 cars you can buy without breaking the bank. Student expresses, superbangers and stylish heaps.
  • Expert eye - We look at all things mechanical for signs of a used car's condition.
  • Used car listings - Prices for all the major models, plus Quentin Willson's pick of best buys.

New Car Guide

  • New car news - What's going on in the new car market.
  • Our top cars - These are the cars we would buy if it was our money being spent.
  • New car listings - Every new car analysed and annotated.
  • Manufacturers' directory - Contact names and numbers, A to Z.


  • The Citroën ZX feature describes a television segment that appeared in Series 30, Episode 6 of the Original format of the show, which aired on the 14th of October, 1993.
  • It appears there were some printing issues on the index of this issue; the word "Formula One" is in a noticeably different font, and the name of Volvo designer Peter Horbury, in the same vertical space, is absent entirely. Several words in the "New Car Guide" section are also in this font.