Top Gear Magazine #5 was the issue of the magazine cover-dated February 1994. The final issue published by Redwood Publishing Ltd., it contained 242 pages and was edited by the magazine's first editor, Kevin Blick.


Unlike the first four issues, the fifth issue was comparatively mininimalist, with just the side profile of three vehicles against a plain black background; a Mazda RX-7, a classic car and a Honda Goldwing, the latter of which partially obscures the word "Magazine" at the top. As per the title, this issue promises to cover the "Weird & Wonderful" of the automotive world.



  • First gear - Spanish heists, how robots will stitch you up on the motorway, Star Wars and new cars a-go-go.
  • First steer - Mazda goes for posh, VW's topless goes stickless, SEAT goes to Cordoba and BMW goes for an injection.
  • Steering columns - Jeremy Clarkson on drmmm-drbble. Er, drrk drvvvvg. Er, drink-driving. Sorry, ociffer.
  • Quentin Willson exposes the sordid truth behind the motor trade. Or some of it.
  • Tiff Needell contemplates joining the rally circuit. It's just a stage he's going through.
  • Guest columnist AA Gill tells the terrible truth about the upper classes and their cars.


  • Weird test - Strange but truly brilliant - three odd but good sports cars, the Mazda RX7, the Subaru SVX and the Renault Alpine A610, in a weird-off against the clock.
  • Weird second-handers - Style of the sort that makes people gasp without the sort of price tag that makes the bank manager squeak. Quentin Willson buys some off-the-wall offerings.
  • Weird classics - Quentin again, with a guide to some of history's mistakes and an informed look at the value of getting all peculiar
  • Weird but cheap - Still can't afford idiosyncratic elegance? Here are a few vehicles that are truly different for prices that are truly tiny.
  • Weird bikes - There's precious little that's weirder than these feet-forward bikes. It was a good idea at the time...


  • Space craft - Three big fast estates from Audi, Vauxhall and, of course, Volvo.
  • Hopkirk and Clio - Monte maniac Paddy thrashes a Mini Cooper and a Clio Williams.
  • Cossie & Inte - Two more rally cars, this time the furiously fast Ford and loony Lancia.
  • Happy shoppers - Three to empty your trolley into - Xantia, Corolla and Vento.
  • Long-term two - Vauxhall Calibra and Renault Safrane. Will they pass the TG test?

More Weirdness

  • Alexei Sayle - Nik Berg talks to the man who made Albania funny. Next, he tackles the car.
  • Hello Dubai - We've been to the Gulf, we've spoken to everybody and we still can't spell shiehk.
  • The fastest car in the world - Andy Wilman tries out a fully road-legal Le Mans car. Top speed? Terrifying.
  • The big idea - Ever wondered what a 40-foot-tall pickup truck would look like? Wonder no more.
  • Willson's almanac - What time of year should you buy a cabrio or sell an off-roader? Timely tips.
  • Jagged edge - Jeremy Clarkson takes on a very fast Jaguar indeed - and wins on points.


  • Clubtastic - All the offers, competitions and other brilliant stuff you could possibly want.
  • Long distance runners - It's old, it's tatty - but so would you be after umpteen times round the world.
  • Gearbox on wheels - This month's accessories are round and soft to the touch. Spacehoppers? No.
  • RAC advice - Never wear brown shoes with a blue suit.
  • Another piece of lettuce - Sorry, that should still read 'letters'. We must get a new prooffreader.

Used Car Guide

  • Used car buyers guide - All the ups and downs of the used car market this month plus Quentin Willson's guide to which car is worth buying and which is worth nothing. Plus: this month we've specially reorganised our used car price listings section, after long and careful thought and consultation with hundreds of readers, to bring the news, features and market reports into the listings themselves. Expert Eye, Used News, Car of the Month and the Wide World of Willson are all in there.

New Car Guide

  • New car buyers guide - How much? You're joking! No, we're not, actually. All the info you'll need on all the cars there are.
  • Manufacturers directory - The horse's mouth; where to find it.
  • Our top tens - What we really think about cars. No nonsense, no waffle, no vegetables.
  • Auto Jungle - Top draw work from Vizmaster Simon.
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