The first Stig wore black overalls and helmet. It was introduced in the first episode of the Second version by Jeremy Clarkson as the resident test driver, as the presenters could not consistently post fast times themselves. Clarkson noted that "we don't know its name, we really don't know its name, nobody knows its name, and we don't wanna know, cause it's a racing driver." Clarkson then described The Stig as having a very small brain, who had worthless opinions, a disorder described by Clarkson as "Mansell Syndrome". Its job description was to "just go out there and drive fast".


The identity of the black Stig was revealed to be Perry McCarthy when his book Flat Out, Flat Broke was published in 2003. McCarthy is a former Formula 1 driver and test driver for the Benetton, Arrows and Williams teams, and also tested for BMW F1.


The Black Stig was killed off in the first episode of the Third Season, as his identity had been revealed, which was a breach of contract. He was killed whilst competing with Jets aboard the HMS Invincible; when he drove the 'Top Gear' Jaguar at 109mph off the deck of the Aircraft Carrier, and crashed into the water down below.

Return Of The Black Stig

On the 5th of Feburary, 2009, a group of men playing with a frisbee at the beach found Black Stig, and it’s revealed that he survived the accident. Black Stig grabs one of the men's frisbee and starts running away.

Top Gear - The Stig - HMS Invincible - BBC

Top Gear - The Stig - HMS Invincible - BBC

The Stig's 'Death'



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