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The Eboladrome is the test track used in The Grand Tour for most car reviews and all lap times. It is so named for its resemblance to the shape of the Ebola virus. It was introduced in the first series.

The track is located near Swindon in England, specifically at a disused British Royal Air Force airfield in Wroughton.

In the first series, Mike "The American" Skinner was the test drive who completed lap times around the Eboladrome. However, from the second series onwards, he was replaced by British racing driver Abbie Eaton. Lap times that are completed in wet, snowy, or damp conditions are marked as such on the lap board. In the show's premiere, nine times were already logged on the lap board, having been completed off-screen.

Track Landmarks

The Isn't Straight

The largest and longest part of the track, which is the first major and noteworthy part of the course. It is so-named because it is long and mostly straight, but not entirely straight. A complete lap requires driving along and then back this portion.

Your Name Here Corner

After finishing a run up the Isn't Straight, drivers enter the Your Name Here Corner, a sharp horse-shoe-like corner angling to the left. It is so-named because there are large banners placed around the corner that are available for sponsorship.

Old Lady's House

After going through Your Name Here Corner and completing a run back-along the Isn't Straight, drivers enter a tight and windy chicane. It is named after a house which is on the other side of the track's fence that is supposedly owned by an old lady.


After Old Lady's house there are two sharp left-hand turns to round out the course, so named after the obstacles that drivers will hit if they spin off. Substation is named a series of electric generators which sit just off the bend. Substation is the penultimate corner on the track.

Field of Sheep

The final section of the track is known as Field of Sheep, for the large flock of sheep that normally graze just off the bend. Both Substation and Field of Sheep are 90-degree left-hand turns. After finishing the Field of Sheep corner, and crossing the finish line, drivers have completed a lap.

Lap Times

The current lap-board for the Eboladrome is:

Car Time Notes Lapped
McLaren Senna 1:12.9 N/A S3E1
NIO EP9 1:15.0 N/A S3E6
Aston Martin Vulcan 1:15.5 N/A S1E2
Lamborghini Huracán Performante 1:16.8 N/A S2E7
Ford GT 1:17.6 N/A S2E8
McLaren 650S 1:17.9 N/A N/A
McLaren 720S 1:17.9 N/A S2E4
Mercedes-AMG GT R 1:18.7 N/A S2E2
Audi R8 V10 Plus 1:19.2 N/A N/A
Jaguar XE Project 8 1:19.3 N/A S3E4
Aston Martin V8 Vantage 1:20.4 N/A S3E9
BMW M5 1:20.4 N/A S3E7
Porsche 911 GT3 RS 1:20.4 N/A S1E4
Nissan GTR 1:21.2 N/A N/A
Porsche 911 C2S 1:21.4 N/A N/A
Alpina B5 1:21.6 N/A S3E7
MAT Stratos 1:21.6 N/A S3E12
BMW M4 GTS 1:22.4 N/A S1E4
Porsche 718 Boxter S 1:23.4 N/A N/A
Alpine A110 1:23.7 N/A S3E5
BMW M5 1:24.2 N/A N/A
BMW M3 1:24.3 N/A N/A
Honda NSX 1:26.0 Wet S1E9
BMW M2 1:26.2 N/A S1E1
Delta Futurista 1:26.8 N/A S3E12
Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio 1:27.1 Wet S1E10
Honda Civic Type R 1:28.2 N/A N/A
Ford Focus RS 1:28.4 N/A S1E6
Lexus GSF 1:29.6 Damp S1E12
Ford Mustang 1:29.6 N/A S1E6
Tesla Model X 1:29.6 N/A S2E10
Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 1:31.3 N/A S3E14
Lamborghini Countach 1:31.8 Wet S3E10
Ford Fiesta ST200 1:32.8 N/A N/A
Bugatti EB110 1:32.8 Wet S2E9
Abarth 124 Spider 1:33.7 Wet S1E11
Jaguar XJ220 1:35.1 Wet S2E9
Ferrari Testarossa 1:37.4 Wet S3E10
Volkswagen Up! GTi 1:39.7 Wet S2E5