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Indestructible Hilux was a nickname given to the Toyota Hilux that was tested for its durability. Jeremy picked the late-MY fourth-gen Toyota Hilux as a part of the test. It aired in the fifth and sixth episodes of the Series 3. James May took over in Episode 6.

Hilux destruction[]

Part I[]

When Clarkson purchased the Hilux from a farmyard It had with 190 thousand miles (305 thousand kilometres) on the clock. Though it had some body component corrosion, the test began. The series of test were: descending down a flight of steps (suspension, tyres, underfloor chassis damaged), making a sharp turns while damaging a building, including a piece of brick which fell off (body damage), sweeping through the high tides at Bristol Channel (whole body damage). After several hours at high tide the Hilux was partially buried so the workers had to bring it back to the surface. To prove it had been destroyed, the mechanic had to repair only using of basic tools. Astonishingly, the Hilux started.

As the methods weren't enough, he continued by dropping the Hilux from a crane, head-on collision through a wooden structure, crushing with a wrecking ball (body crushed as well as the bonnet, tailgate, pick-up bed, and other areas), dropping a caravan onto it , and facing fire through the pick-up loading bed, then later on the interior's cabin. Once more it is still able to drive, the first part ends as a cliffhanger.

Part II-III[]

As all types of methods seemingly impossible. So Clarkson would be the best by placing at the top of the 23-storey building exactly subject for it's implosion with the help by the use of skyscraper, the Part II clip were cut short following by Part III as James wants to see the audience on the studio to prove has been destroyed. The clip plays after being demolished; the workers had to clear off the debris to recover. Upon the recovery, the Hilux now suffers major body damage (except on suspension including leaf sprung, wheels/tyres still on near in shape, underfloor chassis, etc.). The mechanic performs the task again by the use of basic tools. Suprisingly, it is able to start again in just almost few repairs.

Clarkson was surprising the Hilux was proved to be indestructible, hence the Hilux was present through audience studio then applauds. Before the end of the episode James suggest being as a decoration display which Clarkson as well the audiences agree.

Later appearances[]

Following the aftermath of the episode. The 'indestructible Hilux' can be seen in a montage clip, where Clarkson acquires a fifth-gen blue Hilux as a basis purposely to hover on water in 2-miles on lake but went capsized, however. In process of constructing the Toybota. Jeremy attempts to start up again, it is now completely in total electrical failure as Richard stated.

Later in Series 12, Episode 6, during the communist cars segment, James mentions how they did a durability test on the Hilux and planned to do the same for the FSO Polonez, Unlike the Hilux, the Polonez was destroyed after being dropped by a crane from a large height.


  • Footage of the Hilux's destruction was used in a commercial for the Toyota Tacoma, a pickup truck sold in North America.