Top Gear: The Worst Car in the History of the World was the name of the fourth direct-to-video Top Gear special, and the sixth release to feature exclusive scenarios not recorded for the series. It starred Jeremy Clarkson and James May, with the former's appearance technically making it the 17th entry in his home video series. It is the only direct-to-video release in the relaunched Top Gear series not to feature Richard Hammond.

The criteria, as told by Jeremy and James, was that the car had to be "terrible, but not cheap" and made by "a manufacturer that should have known better". The cars showcased in the episode include:

FSO Polonez, Mahindra CJ540 Jeep (formerly known as Willys Jeep) were initially considered but then the format was changed. The worst car would be considered terrible but not cheap and made by a manufacturer that should have known better. Contenders included: Ferrari Mondial, Ferrari F50, BMW X3, Lincoln Continental Mark IV, Buick LeSabre Custom, Lancia Ypsilon, Alfa Romeo GTV6, Citroen Pluriel before coming down to the Peugeot 308 and the Lexus SC 430.

Various other contenders for the title were discussed only by name, and were not driven, while Jeremy and James played golf.

Jeremy and James also extensively showcased and drove better cars (from the same manufacturers) to draw comparisons with the bad ones. For example, to highlight the flaws of the BMW X3, they compared it with the much better BMW M3. For the Ferrari Mondial, they used the 458 Spider, which they liked a lot more, to make comparisons.

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The winner of Top Gear's Worst Car in the History of the World is the Lexus SC 430. Once they announced it, they delivered the car to Richard Hammond and stole his 1960's Ford Mustang as a joke.


  • This was the third and final Top Gear home release to feature James May, with Jeremy Clarkson and Hammond being present for both Perfect Road Trips, and James focused on other projects.



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